University of Newcastle

Added 15th December 2020

We work with UON on a multitude of projects that enhance the experience at the university and their branding across Newcastle and their Central Coast campuses.
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With a decades long working relationship with University of Newcastle, SWS Signage is well embedded in the campus across multiple mediums. The aim is always to represent the university’s well known and much loved brand in both traditional and innovative ways. We worked closely with them recently over four very different projects. While we typically do their directional signs, we ventured into some really fun stuff this month. 

Solar benches

The solar benches at the University were purchased by the university from a third party before they engaged with us to find an appropriate working solution to enable informative signage. It was important that the benches clearly explained how they worked, while still looking aesthetically pleasing. We worked around the solar panels to create signage out of digital vinyl, that’s graffiti resistant. 

Kinetic bikes station 

We worked to create digitally printed graphics that would promote the innovative phone charging solution that doubles as a calorie burner!

Bernie Curran Oval sign

This sign was to clearly indicate the oval’s name. It was added to the pre-existing posts and aluminium composite on full colour clear over laminate and graffiti resistant. 

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