Outdoor custom business signs for buildings have been an enormous part of our service offering for a long time, but it’s also a sector of signage that continues to grow rapidly. It’s all about being seen, and introducing people to your business as they go about their daily life. 

While non-illuminated and illuminated exterior signage serves the purpose of customers and patrons immediately recognising where you are, it’s also, long-term, an extremely cost effective way to market and promote your business to your community, far and wide.

We, of course, are a little biased in our personal interest in signs and certainly take notice of them, good and bad! But we also know that it’s true for a lot of people, even subconsciously. The business you might pass on your way to work in the morning, or heading home from the gym at night, signs are the markers of our most commonly taken roads through life. Without realising, you come to expect to see them, and then, when you need that product or service, they’ll be the first thing that pops into your mind. 

That’s what we are here to do for your business. We make your business ‘part of the furniture’ in the community, with a unique, noticeable, outdoor business sign. This makes our signs the perfect custom advertising boards for use as corporate exterior signage and outdoor office signs. 

What Kind of Outdoor Signs Do We Do?

That’s easy! Apart from ‘awesome, high quality, second-to-none signs’ being our first answer, we also provide a range of options to suit the building, your brand and your budget. 

Outdoor LED Signs

For 15 years, SWS has been a trusted supplier of LED digital signage. Our signs are imported directly from the manufacturer, allowing us to easily import parts in real time as you purchase. This makes our process incredibly efficient, and effective at reaching deadlines with quick turnaround. 

Our outdoor LED signs are perfect for areas of consistent high traffic, both foot and car, day and night. Or, for businesses who typically trade in the evenings, such as bars, clubs, gyms and restaurants. However, if you’re a 9-5 operation, why not let an LED sign do some marketing legwork after you clock off? 

Non-Illuminated Signs

Our non-illuminated custom exterior signs are an excellent option if you are in a highly lit area (such as a busy street front), or typically only cater to a daylight clientele and can be easily spotted from a close vantage point. They are popular for shop signs, real estate signs and exterior directional signage. 

It’s also a more cost effective choice if you want an eye-catching, custom, quality sign but are working with a tighter budget. We want to give you the best possible signage we can, and our non-illuminated signs are durable, effective and memorable. So we help you find the best option for your needs and budget.

Both our illuminated and non-illuminated signs can be mounted on outdoor storefronts, pre-existing promotional or directional equipment (such as shopping villages) and free-standing signs.

We pride ourselves not just on the product we provide you when the job is done, but also guarantee our signs to retain their high quality for the years to come.

From under-awning displays through to large scale pylon outdoor displays, SWS provides a vast range of unique and eye-catching outdoor signs including entrance signs, development signs, banners and plinths to meet any requirement. Scroll through our vast range of outdoor signage below to be inspired or to gain ideas for your next outdoor project.