Hair to Impress

Added 16th December 2020

We deliver a stunning new salon sign for Hair to Impress
projects 1000x700 HairToImpress_SWS

Let’s not ‘split hairs’, having a visible and eye-catching design is essential for businesses. Especially when they are part of local shopping districts where it’s otherwise easy to blend into the lineup. 

We’ve worked with many businesses, literally, in this position. The trick is finding solutions that combine their designs with the shopping centre’s available structure in terms of how to place it, the size it is allowed to be and keeping it within the required guidelines. 

We worked closely with Hair to Impress to create a sign that would affix safely and neatly to the centre’s shutter-style lattice. In keeping with the centre’s sleek look, the sign’s black and white design is showcased beautifully. 

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