Gateshead Tavern

Added 19th May 2019

An 8m high x 3m wide double-sided pylon sign with LED, illuminated manufactured venue name, VIP Lounge panel and additional light boxes
projects 1000x700 Gateshead_Tavern_1000x700

The venue required an eye-catching outdoor pylon sign with a LED that captured the attention of passing motorists to replace a tired, outdated pylon sign.

SWS provided an 8m high x 3m wide pylon, fully manufactured and installed without external contractors including a new footing into the existing car park.

The LED has an 8mm pixel pitch and measures 1.92m high x 2,88m wide and is two-sided. It has 4G communications and the software can be accessed from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Individually manufactured illuminated letters / logo to the top of the pylon provide branding whilst the VIP Lounge press-fit light box underneath the LED incorporates outdoor weatherproof LED travelling lighting to attract attention.

"We are thrilled with the result of the pylon sign with LED from SWS Signage which makes a huge difference to the venue"

  • Technical Specs of LED
  • P8 240 x 360 matrix
  • 1920mm high x 2880mm wide
  • Two-sided
  • Brightness sensor
  • 4G communication
  • SMD LED technology
  • 5500+cd/m² 
  • Life span of LED > 100,000 hours